How Does the Drill Press Work – All Your Questions Answered

How Does the Drill Press Work – All Your Questions Answered

Pilar drills are used in order to properly fix a bench and make a perfectly aligned drilling hole. This is a short explanation to give you a general idea. Now you see that the whole concept is not that complicated.

No matter if you are looking for a small tool for your garage or if you want to find a proper floor gimlet for professional craftsmen workshop. Here you can find the best drill press for everyone. No need to spend a fortune on a product if you can listen to expert opinions and pick the most efficient one, right?

Mode of Operation

All pedestal borers are different and have various designs depending on the manufacturer brand, design, capacity, implementation and what not.

Think about a mechanism that comprises:

  • table
  • chuck keys
  • chuck
  • spindle
  • drilling head
  • belts

This way you can get a pretty clear notion of how a drill press works.

Most of the pedestal bores have induction motors. Some professional units can combine a floor drill and a sandblaster or hone or even a polisher. The speed itself can be adjusted by the belt. And certain models come with variable speed motors.


Now that you understand what does a drill press do it is time to talk about the various ways to fulfill its objective. Fix the panel on the bench. If you are worried about the table being bored use a depth stop that is usually fixed on the quill. Check the manual if you cannot arrange it by yourself.

In case the lower side of the hole looks too shredded with burrs you can use the anti-burring resurfacing tools to make it smooth and round. These require only moderate pressure. Now that you have a smooth hole of a proper size it is time to tap it carefully.

Since the pillar and the table provide greater stability, most of the floor bores come with a radial press. A rotating pivotal head makes the instrument extremely versatile. The head can be turned and extended allowing to make angled holes and work with the panels of various sizes.

Do not hesitate to let me know should you have any more questions about how does a drill press work. Also let me know should you have some other questions. Give me some ideas for more blog entries and I will give you all the craftsmen insider secrets.