How to Choose the Drill Press: Useful Tips

How to Choose the Drill Press: Useful Tips

Having the right tool is important, especially if you like making something on your own. Finding the best drill press can be quite challenging since there are many models available to you. Moreover, there are many other factors you need to consider. A model may be too powerful for your needs and in this case you pay too much.

On the other hand, you may get a model that does not have too much power and you will not be able to get what you expect. Choosing the best drill press you need to carefully study what these machines can do and what options they have to get the model that will suit your needs perfectly. Here are some tips, which will help you understand how to choose a drill press.


This parameter is very important. If you are going to work with tough materials and you need to drill deep holes, then you need a model with a powerful motor. If you want to work with wood, then you do not need a model that has a powerful motor installed. Some small models may have motors installed, which have less than one horsepower.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the depth potential – it shows how deep the hole can be made.


One of the important drill press choosing tips involves determining how big the processed piece can be. The capacity is measured from the bore center to the column (where the motor is installed). This distance has to be multiplied by two. In other words, if you get an 18-inch model, then you will be able to make a hole located 9 inches from the piece edge. This distance (9 inches, in this case) is called the swing. Therefore, if you have an 18-inch piece, you can make a hole right in the center of it.

Various speed options

Modern models have variable speed options. This versatility is important since it allows you to process various types of materials. This is the case when you can get too much speed. For example, if you process a wood piece and the speed is too high, you burn the wood. High speed may also damage bits. Therefore, you should clearly understand what materials you want to process. Adjusting the speed, you make the motor belt move to other pulleys set, which are installed in the motor housing. Keep in mind that using high speed you increase productivity, but it also wears the tool faster.
Usually, people prefer to select models which can adjust the range within 500-4000 RPMs.

The working table

Modern models have versatile tables, so you can lower or raise them to meet your needs. Moreover, some tables can be rotated. It allows you working from any angle without using any additional accessories or tools. Such tables are made of durable material and they assure that the piece is sitting tight.


Keep in mind that you will work with a powerful tool that uses centrifugal force and it causes vibrations. When you drill something at high speed (especially if a model is very powerful) the vibration may lead to a disaster, like breaking a drilling bit or even a piece of material. Therefore, the powerful model has to be quite heavy. The weight will help to minimize or exclude vibrations completely. It allows you working smoother.


Any tool requires maintenance. Make sure the manufacturer offers any replacement parts you may need. Usually, the drill press maintenance process is fast and easy.