How to Make Use Out Of A Drill Press?

How to Make Use Out Of A Drill Press?

Are you thinking of getting a drill press and looking through the best drill press reviews to get one for yourself? But do you know how to use it and what it can do so you can use your press at its maximum? Have a look at the things you can do with a drill press below and you will probably discover some features you haven’t known about.

Most popular drill press uses:

Make wider holes

Thanks to the powerful motor of a drill press (at least compared to a handheld drill), less energy is required to be put into drilling holes of any size. Therefore, wider drill bits can be used and no matter what the material is, the result will still be an accurate hole on the exact spot.

Make use of a drill stop

Majority of drill presses provide a drill stop with them – this is a useful feature as it makes sure that the drilled hole depth doesn’t overcome the pre-set point. Another advantage – using a drill stop will help you to make sure that all the holes drilled are of the same size/depth.

Adjust the angle

Usually, drill press sets contain an adjustable table which holds the material on whilst you are performing the operation required. Apart from height, they can be also adjusted at different angles, making the job much easier.

Adjust the speed

In a handheld drill, the speed can be adjusted by applying pressure to the trigger – however, if you are holding it at an angle, maintaining the constant pressure in pair with the correct angle becomes a hard task. On the other hand, drill press uses a fixed handle, so the speed is controlled by an easily adjustable drive belt providing better user control.

Get help with tapping and sanding

Drill presses also come with accessories for tapping and sanding.
Tapping is the action that creates a thread into the side of the hole. If performed inaccurately, the bolt or the material can be crooked and damaged. Threads done by a drill press are straight and therefore safer, which makes it a better option compared to the other types of drills.
Similar applied to sanding. Sanding helps to polish the interior surface after drilling so that it becomes smooth and clean.

Deburring tools provided

If you ever drilled a hole, you might know that if you turn over the exit surface gets rough and uneven. The drill press has a deburring accessory that will help to get rid (or at least reduce) of this issue so you can enjoy work done.

However, please, don’t forget about the safety: drill press use requires caution– wear some protection when using such equipment.