What are the Safety Rules for a Drill Press

What are the Safety Rules for a Drill Press

Since you have landed on this page you can praise yourself for being a smart considerate person with a good insight. Any worker with a proper ethic would pay attention to the safety first of all.

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The safety rules for a drill press are pretty simple. All you need to do is to follow these guidelines:

  • First of all, make sure the table is tidy and wipe it all.
  • Read through the user manual carefully and follow it even if it contradicts my advice.
  • Follow the speed limit and do not try exceeding it.
  • If you want to adjust the gimble make sure to plug out of the socket.
  • While drilling the machine can warm up so do not touch the rotating bits for like half an hour after the boring has been done.
  • Take the chuck key out before making initialization.
  • During operation keep your hands 3 inches away from the rotating parts in order to avoid mishaps.
  • Never try to stop the moving parts with your hands.
  • After the work has been done turn the press off before leaving it.
  • Raise the drill bit after each drilling to clean the hole of all mishaps and let the gimlet cool down.
  • If you operate the machine in the extreme cold make sure to handle it with care. First of all start at a lower speed. Warm up the machine prior to operation.

Overall Security Rules

Besides the drill press safety rules there are other small things you need to follow in order to ensure your workplace is casualty proof. First of all, make sure your clothing fits you well, it is fastened and secured and won’t get stuck in the moving parts. Pull up your hair, if it is long of course. Take the jewelry off. The gloves might get stuck in the moving parts as well.

Make sure nobody comes close to the operating machinery, keep the random people away from your workshop. Clean the space of all the shavings and chippings, keep the floor and all surfaces clean at all times.

Remember to always use protection for the sensory organs. Cover your eyes and use earplugs if the drilling gets way too loud. This simple guideline often gets overlooked. Hope you found my simple drill press rules simple and useful.